::  2500 nodes across 15 buildings
 ::  3 central switches
 ::  15 local building switches
 ::  45 departmental floor switches
This must be
the largest LAN installed in Egypt

Hardware and Networking Solutions
Wire Networking

NTG manages all aspects of network projects through its professional teams - from site assessments, creating stable network designs, wiring schemes, installing or updating cabling and up to network hardware and system software installation, configuration and support.

Local Area Networking (LAN) Design:
Planning and implementation of self defending networks using the most current hardware (Firewalls, Multilayer Switches, Servers, Workstations, etc…) network operating systems (Microsoft Windows server family, Unix, and Linux platforms) and network applictaion software (Mail Servers, File servers, Print servers, etc…).

Wide Area Networking (WAN) Design:
Planning and implementation with ISDN, Frame Relay, ATM, and Wireless bridging.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Design:
Planning and implementation of VPN and VPDN networks using dedicted lines or dial up connections.

DSL and ATM:
Designed national network architecture to support DSL and ATM- based services.

Planning and defingning the most suitable security policy and implementaion using the most advanced Security Appliances, Firewalls, and Packet Filters.

Network Planning:
Provided national support on network planning, sizing, engineering, designing, and capacity management.

Provided National training, management, and support of a network engineering application database.

Audited fibre installations

Designed and built co-location sites for major telecommunication CLEC's

NTG has its Problem and Service Management Process to ensure formal follow up, escalation, and documentation of all customer network failures and other vents/occurrences.

Recovery Planning:
NTG objective of disaster recovery planning is to enable an organization to survive a disaster and continue normal business operations.

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