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WiFi HotSpots

The need for users to become mobile and have access to the internet is reaching new heights. Employees with access to network resources away from their desk can be more productive and home users are looking to leave the confines of their office or house to gain WEB access. The solution is private and public wireless connections.

Private networks are just that, private. They allow access to those who are authorized to use them. Businesses today want their employees to have access to the network but want to protect their company assets by selecting the users they want connected. Protecting a wireless network from unauthorized users is a hot topic in the industry today.

Using protocols such as 802.1x, EAP, IPsec, or simply hiding the SSID (wireless network name) can provide layers of security to limit access to only those who should have it.

NTG Egypt brings the experience to integrate both public and private networks together without compromising neither the ease of use nor the security that each demand.

Public wireless networking (hotspots) is the way of the future. These locations will become easier to find as hotspot integrators such as NTG, help to add this unique service to businesses around the globe.

Imagine being at your favorite coffee shop, a hotel, or even on the beach, and being able to quickly and easily surf the Internet. WiFi based Hotspots in Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, etc.

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