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NTG Clarity Telecom System (NTS):

Network Telecom System (NTS) is an enterprise-wide OSS/BSS solution that seamlessly integrates operations and networks, enabling the delivery and support of next generation services to customers. It is the industry's most cost-effective and easily implemented OSS/BSS solution built specifically for a CLEC, ILEC, ISP, ASP, BLEC and utility management clientele.
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NTG Management Information System (NMIS):
NMIS is a part of NTS that is customized for water utilities. Represent seven integrated modules managerial and commercial point of view that is needed by both government and large companies. The software contains a special collection of reports that cover all the needs of the users.

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Health Insurance Management System (HIMS):
HMIS is a software package that helps manage health care information and make payments to service providers. Four integrated modules cover participation and payment, patient followup, accounting and revision, and decision support systems.
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